Molly Holway

With sister Molly, it is always about people. She has spent her entire career in sales and marketing, and learning early on the value of long and lasting relationships with her clients. To this day, this is her signature style. She is the Founding Partner and General Manager, Three Sisters Catering.

Molly first established herself in the ‘biz’ at Atlanta’s iconic Rupert’s Night Club, the “hottest” ticket in the city back in the mid ’80’s. From there, she took on the real business of off-premise catering including booking space and managing events for prestigious caterers and newly–renovated, high-end event facilities. In 2005, she was hired for the Georgia Aquarium’s opening sales team and worked alongside Chef Wolfgang Puck. Her career continued up the corporate ladder to manage sales for Atlanta’s premier event planner,  Tony Conway,  at A Legendary Event.

Anything TSC Pimento Cheese.


Matthew Bent
Executive Chef

Matthew is our gift that keeps on giving. With Carte Blanche to pursue his passion in the Three Sisters kitchen, He’s Edgy, Original, Authentic and 100% “gets” flavoring, technique and presentation. Did we mention, nothing EVER rattles him…No Kitchen…No Problem, Dietary Restrictions…Gotcha’ Covered, Last Minute Pop-Up Event…Ok, let’s do it while consistently creating new menu ideas that are fresh and fun while our new generation of foodies are Loving It!!!

Matthew began his love affair with food as a Line Cook at a Sandals resort in His native Jamaica. Five years later – and still in his teens – he had worked his way up the food chain to become a Sous Chef at a leading Atlanta catering company. There he and THE SISTERS hooked up and the rest is history – 12 Years!!

He Loves to Cook, Loves his Family and Friends, Loves to Travel,
Loves to Live…and we Love him Right Back!

Mexican Street Tacos


Simon Bent
Executive Sous Chef

Chef Simon, is from Ocho Rios, Jamaica, honing his culinary skills at a very early age. Upon graduation from high school, he decided to turn his cooking passion into a career.

He attended and graduated from the Runaway Bay Heart Hotel and Training Institute and has graced several Atlanta kitchens as a prep cook, kitchen manager and event manager. Our customers absolutely LOVE him to the point of requesting him at their events..he loves them right back and zips around town spreading good cheer and fabulous food!

Simon loves to work with Caribbean flavors and, well, with anything “spicy” he’s an expert with fish, shellfish and is wicked mean on the grill.

He is an avid gardener, loves to prank whoever is in his line of fire, he’s great with a laugh and is absolutely in LOVE with his pup, Bentley!.

Bourbon Soy Glazed Salmon Filets


Jean Basile
Sous Chef

Jean Basile…Our Haitian born-New York raised-Southern Boy.  Habitually smiling,   Always talking,   Lover of ALL Italian,  Explorer of Herbs and Spices!!!!

Coming from a large family with three sisters and two brothers, Jean’s passion for food came to life when his mother insisted that the Basile kids WILL learn to cook.  And that, folks, he did,  And he does it well!!!!

Working with Compass Dining Group in Memphis for many years as Executive Chef, Jean traveled..a lot,  learning, training and honing his culinary skills, opening his palate to various regional and ethnic culinary adventures.

And now it’s our turn to have Jean…and we’re the lucky ones!!!!!

Beef Wellington, Horseradish Cream Sauce

Katie Alterman Rosenberg

Katie Alterman Rosenberg
Senior Catering Sales Manager

is our native Atlantan..a true Southern Peach. She loves it..designing it..eating it. She loves to travel to run races and every time she does, she goes on a walking food tour to experience the region’s culinary delights. Speaking of food, she worked here in Sandy Springs at the iconic Brickery as a manager for 18 years. Upon the Brickery closing, she spent the next few years honing her off-premise catering and event skills. Through the years she has developed a love of food, people and parties!

Katie is a graduate of the University of Alabama, Roll Tide!!, and loves everything about Bama football. She is also an avid runner, running over 70 Half Marathons and 14 Full Marathons since 2011. She volunteers at the Atlanta Track Club as a volunteer coach and volunteers at many local races. Lastly, Katie is also our resident musician, playing the piano and the flute, playing the flute in her community, “Symphony of North Georgia”.


Peter Volpone
Operations Director

Introducing our eclectic Operations Director Peter! He has found a home at Three Sisters Catering after completing his studies at Virginia Tech where he’d learned the joys of catering as a part-time gig, working alongside Molly’s nephew. Southbound to Atlanta he came with a dream of the big city and The Sisters’ contact info in hand, Peter made his way from server, to warehouse, to event manager, to operations.

His position has him collaborating closely with the Culinary and Sales team, making sure that the vans arrive with the right food and equipment and the staff are on time with smiles and ties. Cool, calm, and collected, Peter is a juggler of many hats and will go the distance to make the show happen.

While not at TSC, you’ll find Peter focused on his artistic pursuits- from oil painting to comic book making, the visual arts are his driving passion, which has led to him hosting events with The Atlanta Illustrators & Makers Meetup. You may even spot him in the wild, running through the fields with patches on his jeans or boogying at a concert downtown.

Zoe - Headshot-min

Zoe Erickson
Catering Sales Manager

Zoe was born in Brazil and raised in the Sunshine State. Growing up, she was always eating Brazilian style BBQs with her family, but loves to travel and has enjoyed learning about the variety of cuisine in Atlanta. Zoe got her start at Chick-fil-A in South Florida and learned her way up where she found her passion for Catering and Events. After learning many valuable tools, she decided to move to Atlanta to pursue full service events with Three Sisters Catering and their strong leadership team. Her favorite part of working at Three Sisters is when clients have a unique idea and our Chefs can bring it to life. When she isn’t working, she loves nature and is always looking for a new trail or campsite to explore Georgia.

Risotto Bites

At Three Sisters…

Everything Is Fresh – Everything Is The Finest Quality.
Everything Is House-Made – With An Oversized Dash Of TLC.
Old Favorites Are Revived With Cool And Unexpected New Twists.
Everything Is Off-The-Charts Delicious!



We sincerely appreciate your support of our family-owned and operated business. At Three Sisters Catering, we are committed to cooking up a world where there is a place for everyone, and are proud to serve the Atlanta gay community.

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