Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will my event cost?

A: Good question! As you plan and budget for your event, there are many factors that determine the cost including venue, location, logistics, guest count and the menu.

Q: What is the cost for plates, cutlery, napkins, etc?

A: For a cocktail party: Eco-Friendly disposable plates, cutlery, and napkins are included in your catering costs. If you opt for china plates, cutlery, cocktail napkins, add $7.00 pp++

B: For a dinner party, we provide 10” white dinner plates, 7” dessert plates, flatware, white disposable dinner napkins, water glassware at each guest seat, and salt & pepper shakers at each table – add $7.00 pp ++ Linen napkins are available at an additional charge.

Q: Can you accommodate my guests’ dietary restrictions?

A:  Yes, always happy to do so. Note: we need to know (02) weeks in advance of any dietary/allergy restrictions. Please refer to our contract for more detailed information.

Q: Can I provide food from another source (relative, friend, bridesmaid), for my party?

A: Unfortunately, no. Due to liability, our insurance provider will not underwrite this. This does not apply to professional, licensed pastry chefs/bakeries for your cake/desserts.

Q: How much staff will I need for my event?

A: This depends on the venue/location, load-in/out logistics, menu selection, guest count, and duration of your event. ***For a full-service catering event, we provide an Event Manager, Culinary, Wait Staff, and Back of House Production, if needed

Q: Tell me about the bar…will you provide this?

A:  Yes and no…Georgia state law prohibits us (the caterer) from purchasing and transporting ANY alcohol. Most of the time, your venue will provide alcohol for your bar. If not, you can purchase this through any package store. Make sure the alcohol is at your event site prior to our arrival, we will take it from there. We can provide everything else including glassware, mixers, bar fruit, non-alcoholic beverages, bar equipment, ice, napkins. We can provide a quote to source bartenders to set-up, pour, and break-down.

Q:  Do you provide décor?

A:  We provide minimal décor for the buffet including food risers. We truly believe our food is our décor. If you want a look beyond minimal, we work with fabulous designers, decorators, and florists and are happy to put you in touch with these artists.

Q: Can you provide tables, chairs, linens, and other rental items?

A: Absolutely! Tell us what you need, we’ve got you covered.

Q: Do you require a deposit to secure my event date?

A: Yes, a deposit of 50% of the estimated invoice along with a signed contract is required to confirm your event on our calendar. 

Q: When is my final guest count required?

A: Your final guest count is due (12) working days prior to your event. Due to purchasing and production, your guest count can increase, but it cannot decrease after the deadline.

Q: When is my final payment due?

A:  No later than (07) working days prior to your event. You can pay by check, credit card, cashier’s check, or cash.

Q: What is the 23% production charge? Is this gratuity?

A: This is not a gratuity. The production charge covers business insurance, culinary prep staff, catering equipment and vehicles, back of house costs, and maintenance.

Q: What about gratuity?

A: Thank you for asking. This is totally optional, never expected, always appreciated. If you want to tip your catering team, please do so at your event as we do not accept gratuity in-house.

Q: What about tastings?

A:  Absolutely, and we do this a couple of ways: 1) At no charge if you have already signed a contract and we have received your deposit; or 2) A cost of $75.00 per person plus tax and production charge if you are still deciding. We can provide this for up to (04) guests. Please schedule your tasting with your Sales Manager.

Q: What is Catering-to-Go (CTG)?

A: If you are interested in good food only without the “bells and whistles,” this is our CTG option. Work with our team to create your menu and your food is prepared and plated exactly as it is for full-service catering events. The only difference is that you pick it up from our kitchen. Everything is table ready and presented on disposable platters and bowls. The hot food is presented in foil pans with heating instructions. If you need wait staff, bartenders, etc., we have an exclusive partnership with Extreme Staffing (404-815-5085 OR and Third Arm Event Assistants (678-561-6224 OR

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